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Fanatic fans gone too far?

Everyone is a fan of something or someone in life, this happens especially in sport. Whatever sport it is there are categories of certain fans. These could include:

  • Good fans-who behave themselves to a decorum of society.
  • Bad fans-who abide by no rules and are troublesome to everyone and can be annoying.
  • Die hard fans-they go anywhere to see their favourite team or sporting person to seem a win or a loss, these fans could be crackers to the lengths they go to but that’s why they are die hard and people love the dedication they go to.
  • ¬†Armchair fan-these are fans who watch from the comfort of their homes

But fans are not just your local people but also fans are global. The phenomenon of a fan has been around for centuries. The stars and idols that ‘normal’ people support creates a stage for these people who were once everyday people came become ‘starlets’.

A fan always has an opinion of a match or a game during or after the event. Depending on the category above your opinions can vary.

Fans can be vocal in joyous times and also in disaster zones. The worst is the critical state that fans go through by criticising the sportsman or woman in what they have done. However sometimes the negative feedback can have an affect on the person themselves.

In the age of social networking fans can contact who they want especially through networks like twitter and possibly facebook. Out of the two twitter is easiest. But what if the response and attitude is negative and inappropriate in that what is said is personal rather then constructive criticism.

Would you like it if someone criticised everything you did because some fan thinks they know it all? If not then just thing because these so called ‘idols’ you put on a pedastal are human being trying to live normal lives, so think next time you decide to say something personal to someone about their job, just because you think you know better.

Just a suggestion how about they come to your work and tell you how to do your job? If not then leave your idealistic views to yourself before you harm others!!

Don’t hide your face behind a mask (computer screen) because it may end up like this…….

Theatre Mask in Ostia Italy: Photographed by Jane Parry

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